Illustrated Word Wall Cards – Variety Pack


Designed to help develop spelling and vocabulary skills

Useful for display on walls or as flash cards and sentence starters

100 in stock


The Variety Pack Word Wall Cards Bundle contains 32 illustrated word wall cards highlighting commonly used words associated with size, colors, shapes and magnitude.

Each card has been carefully created with an illustration to reinforce vocabulary development, reading and writing skills.

These word wall vocabulary cards are part of the Tell Me! Structured Writing Program, which is also available in French as Raconte-moi!

Suitable for:

  • Typically developing readers and writers in elementary school grades
  • Reluctant writers who need scaffolds and supports to begin the writing process
  • Struggling writers who benefit from seeing words with correct spelling, a factor which may enable them to use more sophisticated vocabulary in their writing


  • Masters for 32 illustrated word wall cards (8.5×2.75 in|22.5×7 cm) with 4 cards per sheet, complete with crop lines. Templates for additional cards provided.
  • Cards can be reproduced on card stock, cut and/or laminated according to need. Cover for easy storage identification and printed Terms of Use.

Use restricted to a classroom of up to 30 students at one time or up to 30 students receiving one on one support or instruction in small groups.   Material may be reproduced within confines of terms noted above. 

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