Place Value Police

Learn place values at the ones, tens and hundred levels in this engaging game played with dice. Avoid getting your car towed for speeding!


Place Value Police is an engaging game used to reinforce the concepts of ones, tens, and hundreds place value. Players attempt to create either the highest or lowest numbers using three dice. The game can be altered to use two dice for students who are not yet at the stage developmentally to master hundreds.

Suitable for:

  • Early elementary students learning about place value.
  • Students who are struggling with the concept of place value.
  • Learning coaches working with students one on one or in small groups who want to reinforce the concept that math can be


  • Game Instructions
  • Master for Place Value Police Game Mat, in both colour and black and white format.

Use restricted to a classroom of up to 30 students at one time or up to 30 students receiving one on one support or instruction in small groups.   Material may be reproduced within confines of terms noted above. 

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